Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dream A Big Dream

"The future looks bright." These are the words of an optimistic, 20-something who is still building direction in her life. If you looked in my agenda for the next month, you would see the lists of goals that I set for myself and my work weekly.. Not to mention the doodles of french bulldogs, and urgent self-notes to get my hair cut. My schedule is a little messy these days, but I manage to accomplish a lot! Optimism is a beautiful trait to have and should be practiced daily. It has taken me to great places so far and has shed light on the dark spaces I found myself in about a month ago. In a perfect world, I would always wake up with flowers in my hair like a young Jean Shrimpton and I'd have all my shit together. A girl can dream, right? A Payton WILL dream. It's what she does.

I'm taking over the world- one cup of coffee at a time. Me and my Ferraegamo's (my little white slippers that I never give up on) are gravitating towards bigger and brighter things. But first, I have to challenge myself even more in these last months of 2015. Is it just me, or is the world rotating way to fast these days?

What are some things you would like to accomplish before the year ends? Is there anything you've been trying to manifest into your life?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It Is What It Is

In the 23 years that I've been on this planet, I've learned to let go of the things I have no control over.

Sandal Heels - Zara (old)

Everyday I try to focus on what I can accomplish and prepare myself for plans ahead of me. I'm a child on the move, 24/7. It's hard for me to sit still at times. I've stumbled a lot this year, but I've always gotten back up! Just keep strutting.

Can we talk about these overalls for a second? THEY ARE AMAZING. I've never felt so sexy in a denim suit. They're super form fitting and they make my bum look super nice. Also, Blood Orange has been the soundtrack to my life lately. This song just hits home lately. Groove it out, baby.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Audrey Hepburn Is My Spirit Animal

Navy Midi Dress - Hello Holiday
But First, Coffee Mug - Hello Holiday
Light Peach Sunnies - Hello Holiday
Earrings - Forever21 (old)
Necklace (old)

Whenever I'm in a bind or I find that I've fallen from grace, I ask myself, "What would Audrey do?". The answer is usually pretty simple. I admire her graceful and classic style so much. I can't help but incorporate it into my life.

I've been a busy bee lately, but that's nothing new. I took over Hello Holiday's IG yesterday. It was super fun sharing a little slice of my life with everyone. I've got some pretty sweet things lined up for the blog for the rest of the month/year. I hope you'll continue to follow along! Cheers! xx