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Saturday, April 16, 2011

So these past couple days have been nothing but a flood of emotions. On Wednesday I just had so much on my mind that I almost broke up with my boyfriend. I was worrying so much about what was going to happen a year from now that I wasn't enjoying my time with my boyfriend. I'm glad that I got things worked out. The weather hasn't been helping my mood too much though. It's been cold and rainy. Too boost my mood Camille and I did a little photo shoot on Thursday night. We got an RA to open the dorm in our suite that no one uses. Nothing like a blank wall photo shoot on a rainy night.

Since there are only a couple weeks left of our freshman year of collage, we've decided to plan some more photo shoots before the end of the semester. I really need to start building up my portfolio and I would really enjoy taking pictures of more of the students here on campus. I'm really excited for the end of this semester. The day after I move out I get to work with my photographer and a couple days afterward I'll be Florida bound with my friends.

To Do List

  • Math homework!
  • Finish up FIDM Scholarship project.
  • Finish up collages for Design class.
  • Study for Biology quiz & test.
  • Clean up dorm and clean stuff out!
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