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Florida trip.

Thursday, May 26, 2011 I'm back home after a very eventful, fun, and exhausting week in Orlando Florida. I can't believe fast it went. I really wish I could've done daily updates, but I didn't bring my macbook with me for the fear of something happening to it. But now I will tell you a little bit of what went on during the three main eventful days:

Day 1: I woke up around 3:00 to get ready and get everything that was unpacked, packed and ready to go. None of the flights were delayed that day so everything went smoothly and we got to Florida on time. It was so exciting getting there. It has been a while since I had been surrounded by palm trees. We ran into Katie's mom and she took us back to the house. Katie's house was perfect. It had a pool and everything a house in Florida should have. Her mom even had a mini-cooper s. I was total jelly. Katie wasn't home yet, so we decided to swim until she got home. It would be a dream to have my own pool. It gets so awfully hot in Iowa during the summer. The weather was perfect that day, and pretty much throughout the rest of the week. When Katie got back, we didn't do much else other than swim, catch up and plan our week.

Day 2: We left early for the Old Key West Resort to check into our villa. The room wasn't ready when we got there so we explored around the resort for a couple hours. When we got the room, our faces lit up. The villa was pretty much an apartment. It had two bedrooms with two queen beds, one king bed, two bathrooms, a whirl pool, a kitchen area, and a living room. It also had a washer and dryer so we could wash our cloths. And the best part of it all is that we had a kick ass balcony. I could live there, haha. We really didn't spend much time in the room, though. We left for Downtown Disney as soon as well all got ready. We all dressed up in our dressed and hit the town. We took the boat to downtown and we splurged away on high priced merch. It's ridiculous how expensive everything is, but I'm thankful that we were on a meal plan. One of my favorite stores at Downtown was TrenD. It must've been new because I don't remember seeing it when I visited last time. It looked just like Forever21, just disney themed. I bought the most adorable top. It was love at first site. It has snow white all over it. It's like a loose crop top. I will update with photos later! After all of the shopping we went back to the resort and ended the night with eating at the resorts restaurant "Olivias". It was very nice.

Day 3: We woke up bright and early to get ready to leave for the Magic Kingdom. I rocked a romper, gladiator sandals, a floral backpack, and floral shades. We took the bus to the Magic Kingdom and once we got there we ran towards Adventure land and the very first ride we went on was Aladdin's Magic Carpets. Afterwards we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. Definitely one of my favorites. I hadn't seen it since it was updated. We rode pretty much every ride except for the ones with hour waits. Some were even over an hour. Out of all of the rides, Space Mountain is still my favorite. After hours of walking around and standing in lines, we were terribly exhausted so we left for the hotel but unfortunately we didn't long to rest. We had to catch our reservation at the Kona Cafe. Thankfully we made, even though we were a little late. We had hurry up and eat, and take our desserts to go so we could make it in time for the fireworks. We made it just in time! I didn't get a very close view, but it was good enough. I got some amazing pictures.

We went back to Katie's after that day and basically rested and swam throughout the rest of the week. We went out to eat a lot and even saw the Pirates of the Caribbean (which was very good!). I really enjoyed the time we spent together. We stayed up late and talked about everything. I will miss those moments dearly.

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