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I love sunny Saturdays.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

001. Today was beautiful. I really enjoyed driving home with my windows down and my sunroof up while jamming out to Robyn. The wind, however was my enemy today. It kept on blowing my skirt up at the worst of times.

002. I just finished my Sociology final. I'm finally done with that class, but I do have to attend class on Monday. I'll be done with everything late Tuesday. My projects aren't even due until Thursday, but I really want to get them over with. I'm ready to end this college year.

003. I'm obsessed with mini-coopers. I know a lot of people don't like them, but honestly how could you not? They're completely adorable. I'm a small person, so I need a small car. That one just seems so perfect for me. I keep seeing them wherever I go now. It's killing me.

004. I'm going to be wearing my hair up for the majority of the summer. Now that my bangs have pretty much completely grown out, I can get away with that kind of thing. I'm debating whether I should cut them for the fall or not. It's a hard and scary decision. It was a long and dreadful process.
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