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Open windows, open hearts

Sunday, June 24, 2012 You know the saying, when a door closes, another one opens? Well I firmly believe in this metaphor. You may not be able to walk through windows, but you can experience a lot through them. So, in a way, they can represent opportunity as much as doors can. These past couple weeks in June have been tough. I just quit my job today. I just haven't been making enough money to make my trips back and forth worth while. There have been some open windows though! I interviewed friday for an internship with Omaha Fashion Week, which went pretty well. I should hear back from them tomorrow. I may also have an opportunity to work at American Apparel in downtown. Things are slowly looking up.

Anyways, what I'm getting at is.. if you feel stuck, or just completely stressed out from life.. you'll be just fine. Patience is needed and maybe some ice cream, but it get's better. Windows will open or doors.. whatever you prefer.

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