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Snow bunny meets sunshine

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My snow bunny skin is slowly darkening as I spend my lazy afternoons out in the sun. My skin takes quite a long time to tan though. I burn quite easily, which is unfortunate because I don't really enjoy looking like a lobster. But that's what I get for letting myself fall victim to the sun's rays. It's terribly unhealthy, I know. But I just love the feel of the summer sun hugging my skin.

If you're not much for soaking up the sun, then by all means try these handy dandy products. They work wonders! They are my go-to products for a completely faux tan.

A. Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash: This stuff is absolutely scrumptious. It smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling baby smooth. It's completely affordable too!

B. Faux Tan Sunless Tanner: This is an instant tanner, so you will see the color as you apply it. It's wonderful because it has olive undertones, so it wont leave you looking like a Dorito. After applying it once, the color usually lasts me about a week so no need to re apply daily... which is a blessing.

C. Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer: This bronzer is amazing. It has a universal shade, so it's perfect for all skin tones. I use it to contour and highlight my face for a nice finish. It's a great buy!
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