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Weekly wars & victories: #3

Sunday, September 30, 2012

001. I am still fighting to get into my math class at Iowa Western. Since I was late for registration, I can no longer get into a 16-week class. I can't even get into a normal 8-week class, only an arranged one. My teacher is doing everything in her ability to make this arranged course happen. I'm crossing my fingers and keeping faith. If I get into this 8-week course, I'll be able to get so much out of the way.

002. All of the interns at OFW had a spa day on Tuesday! We all went to Sirens at the Loft, relaxed, and got to catch up. I had my very first facial and it was exactly what i needed. It was relaxing and I think it scared my acne away. My skin is looking a lot better than it has been! Now that fall/winter is approaching, I'm going to be embracing my pale, snow white skin. It's more of a challenge to take care of that way, but it's a battle I'm willing to fight.

003. Stars finally came out with there new album "The North". It's been on repeat all week. I urge you to let your ears witness the amazingness.

004. I noticed that I have a couple new followers! I just want to say hello to you all and thank you! You're all lovely.

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