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Weekly wars & victories: #4

Friday, October 19, 2012

001. Long time no talk, lovelies. It's been kind of hard for me to keep up with my blog without a working camera, but I'm hoping to get that resolved sometime soon so I can start taking pictures of daily outfits. Recently I went on a shopping date with a friend to look for Halloween costume pieces. We're going to be all dressed up while hiding behind our animal masks. I'm going to be a rabbit and a rather fancy rabbit. Pinterest has been the source of most of my inspiration for this costume. I think for makeup and hair I'm going with volume and twiggy lashes.

I think it would be terribly cute to take a 60's spin with it. So far I have my outfit all ready, I'm just in need of a collar necklace! We'll see what I find this weekend. We're also going to be vampires for a night! I'm very excited to see how it all turns out.

002. I finally got into my 8-week math course! So I'm going to be working my butt off these next 8-weeks. I will be buried under blankets, headphones, and notebooks. I need to remain focused! This is will be great way for me to save money, considering I probably wont be going out as much.

003. A week ago I went in for an interview with The Flying Worm Vintage in Omaha. I was really excited because I have a bit of a love affair going on with that shop. I was a bit upset to witness my interviewer not showing up the morning of my interview. I guess they've been busy setting up their new location, but I still should've been notified! I was interviewed anyway, by one of the other workers. All went well, but I still haven't heard a word from them. I guess time will tell.

004. Time to dance all my cares away!

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    i did not know your blog, it's great!
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