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Wishes: Baby love child

Friday, February 8, 2013
1. Shimmer twins treasure lashes | 2. Laura Urbinati Hipster Panties | 3. Dansk Renete Pink | 4. Patent Pointy Oxford Flats

Since last month and this year alone, I have been finding inspiration in fashion throughout the sixties. I blame a lot of this on the television show, Mad Men. I have been hooked on that show for over a year and I've already watched all four seasons twice. There's something so sweet and quirky about the whole conservative look. Collars were worn around the neck and dresses were more boxy. I can't help but think of darling twiggy and her doe eyes. I put together this look with her in mind.

I don't have a valentine this year, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to treat myself. You don't need a prince charming to buy you flowers and chocolates. Take a day all to yourself! Relax, buy yourself a treat. You deserve it.


  1. wow such a cute post of things! these lashes are sooo fun:)
    it would mean a lot if you would check out our blog:
    lots and lots of love:)

  2. That's so cute, and perfect for valentine's day :)


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