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Happy feet

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nothing can make my feet happier than a new pair of shoes.

After an afternoon of journeying through thrift stores, I found some pretty wonderful treasures. The orange/coral Carriage Court pumps instantly made me fall in love and the best part was is that they were my size. It was meant to be. It's just one of the best feelings... almost as if you found Atlantis under the dark leagues of the sea or something. I'm full of happy and Pogo's mixes seem to really go hand-in-hand with my mood lately.


  1. These are lovely and the colour is so cute! Perfect for spring!

  2. So gorgeous. I love your style too love :)

  3. The shoes are gorgeous! The design looks quite unique, not seen anything lie this before, beautiful!



  4. Those shoes!! SO cute.

    xo Ashley


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