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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dress from ASOS

Work is what I've been up to lately-which explains why I've been so distant towards the blogosphere. I'm really loving my job. It's keeping me busy with the things I love to do! And I learn so much each and every day. I meet some pretty amazing people too. For example, yesterday I had a visitor from Hawaii come into the store. Her name was "Water Lily" and she had the most welcoming and warm spirit. She was wearing a denim jumpsuit-which made her even more awesome, of course-and she didn't stop smiling the whole time she was in the store. It didn't take more than her presence to completely turn my mood from crappy to happy. Every now and then I am blessed with the company of some great people.

Now it's 8:42 PM, and I'm waiting for my roommate to get off work so we can enjoy some donuts at The Donut Stop. I hope you, whomever you may be, have a wonderful week.


  1. <3 you boo! hey we need a skype date soon! also i will be home in like a week and a half!!

    1. Aw, I love you too! That is very exciting news! We must get together!

  2. love the dress, it's gorgeous! xxx

  3. i love the way you did this post, that dress is gorgeous.

  4. Hi!!nice blog and nice LBD!you are so pretty.

  5. Just stumbled across your blog, all your photos are lovely!


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