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Weekly wars & victories #9

Thursday, April 4, 2013
001. I am beyond thrilled to experience the beautiful weather of Spring. It's been nothing but open windows and sunshine at my apartment and it's wonderful. The sounds of the city aren't as peaceful as birds singing in the country at home... but the sound of the cars racing by somehow make me feel composed and at ease.

002. Better weather isn't the only thing that has blessed me within the past week. Easter weekend has passed and it reunited me with family and friends. Going home always gives me a friendly reminder that my family is always there for me. It's a beautiful thing. By the time I left, I had a purse full of late birthday cards and candy filled easter eggs. My head was just full of expectations that weekend. Not all of them were met, but for what it was worth, that weekend left me with some great memories.

003. My new roommate and friend, Valeska, and I went thrift shopping for a while on Tuesday morning before I had work. It was a good morning because the thought of "treating myself" didn't leave my mind. We came across this bench in the basement of an antique thrift shop. It was $30 and was dainty enough to fit well in the studio apartment. It was meant to be! It'll look perfect with some throw pillows, but in the mean time, the mexican blanket definitely gives it character.

004. Besides the lovely weather and thrift shopping, I'm keeping busy with work. For the past couple of weeks I've joined arms with a local vintage clothing shop called The Flying Worm. I'm currently working on content for their website/blog and visiting their warehouse on occasion to pick out clothing to style. It's been a fun experience so far and I look forward to continuing my work with them.

The weekend is among us. I hope yours is grand!

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