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Weekly wars & victories: #10

Sunday, May 19, 2013 001. May is here and it is probably one of my favorite months out of the twelve we have in a year. I watched this home video of mine a while back and there was a clip of me when I was probably 6, talking about my high hopes for a prince to bring me May Day baskets. I was adorable and the first of May use to carry some importance to me at one point in time. I remember looking forward to this month years ago. I was set free from that ball and chain that we call school. Granted, I'm sure this month will bring me different feelings as the years go on, but this year it's really all about my family.

002. Last weekend was beautiful. I had four days off and with all of that time on my hands I decided to spend it with family. It was refreshing to catch up with some family that I hadn't seen in years. My mom, uncle, and I went up to Wausa, Nebraska (a very small town, or perhaps village) to see my cousin graduate from high school. He will be leaving for the Navy in June, so it was very important for us to see him before then. It was a strange feeling being around them... when you're so distant from family for a long period of time they sort of seem like familiar strangers? Regardless, I really enjoyed catching up.

003. I'm back in the spring of things with work. My workplace is treating me very well. It's amazing how much I've learned working around vintage clothing. I've become to appreciate it much more. A lot of opportunities have been thrown my way and I'm taking up every one of them. I'm now in charge of marketing and e-commerce. I'm also coordinating merchandise for the store. The warehouse has become my second home and I've even created a little studio to get all of my work done. I'm excited to see what this year will bring as far as work goes. So far, so wonderful.

004.The farmers market is now happening during the weekends. This is a good thing. I only walked by this morning on my way to work. This summer I'm going to indulge in good food and go overboard when buying flowers. That's what we all should do more often, right?

005. Since the weather has been welcoming, I've been walking a lot more. My music also accompanies me on these walks. I feel like I'm in a film when I'm walking about the city with the music in the background-it's silly. Here are a few of my favorites lately.

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