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5 Wonderful Things. 02.

Monday, June 17, 2013

1. Roasted Strawberry and Mascarpone Ice Cream (Recipe): Strawberry ice cream is definitely a weakness of mine. Well, ice cream in general to be honest. I actually work across from an ice cream shop and it's horrible (but delicious). It's very refreshing after a day at work and I have to admit I treat myself way too often.

2. Jumpsuits: I've been obsessing over jumpsuits lately, which is a little unusual for me. The moment I tried one on, I knew. The one up above is just beautiful. Finding something similar that fits me perfectly would be a dream.

3. Vamp Shoe with Ankle Strap: I'm starting to think that Zara is my holy grail for shoe shopping. I've wished upon many stars that there was a Zara in Omaha, but in the end, that would leave a gaping hole in my wallet.

4. Frills and Lace Dress: THAT DRESS. Need I say more? I actually lack in the white dress category. Probably because I'm a bit of a messy eater and the fears of having my dinner written allover my clothes are long-lived.

5. Sun shield: There is no better method of blocking the sun from your dainty nose than to wear a humungous sun hat.

Those are a few of the many things that I'm adoring this June. What are some of the wonderful things you're loving this month?


  1. The texture on that dress is heavenly.

  2. beautiful blog!

  3. Mascarpone is probably one of my favourite ingredients in any dessert! Definitely going to try and make that now :) Just discovered you blog, and I've just got to say, it's so lovely! x

  4. Okay that jumpsuit is amazing. I also need a big beautiful hat like that.
    Your blog aesthetics are so pretty, following you now :) xo


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