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Happy weekend

Saturday, June 8, 2013

There's something so visually appealing about stripes and florals. Any sight of them and I'm just taken over by this distinct force to be in complete awe. I'm always so inspired by the bold and contrasting beauty/style trends of the 60s. Ugh, where's my time machine?

I'm hidden under blankets and a warm laptop this evening. The rainy weather is making this way too easy for me. This gives me plenty of time to indulge in my favorite classic films. I figured I would keep you guys posted, since I haven't been too active on here lately. I seem to be caught in a web of work. I'm currently managing an online store for The Flying Worm, putting up pictures of clothing, taking measurements, and shipping off items. I'm handling social media for two companies, not to mention my own. The internet doesn't leave my sight these days. I have a heavy head of ideas. While I'm inside brainstorming, it's also storming outside. I'm glad to inspire mother nature.

I hope you all have a swell weekend!


  1. Take me with you when you take your journey back in time! Twiggy is simply the best. Great blogpost! x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

  2. I love these old pictures too! This picture is really interesting and beautiful!:) I love rainy days too but now, in Czech republic (in my country) are floods so rain is hated here. :/ And yeah, i want tijme machine too! :D xx

    . . .
    Dreamer Clara^^

    1. Flooding sounds awful! A couple years back, my hometown almost got completely flooded by rain. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with mother nature! Haha.

  3. Beautiful Blog!
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