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Weekly Wars & Victories: #11

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
001. It's hard to believe, but I've become quite the workaholic. Between work and my internship, I haven't set much time aside for summer day activities... and I'm okay with that. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. What I do know is that I love both my job and my internship, so I cannot complain! Since it is summer and I'm not taking any classes, I do plan to make the most of this time. I will be a little bit more productive this summer.

002. Monday was the night of Omaha Fashion Week's last model call. I stepped in to help with measurements and to talk with some of the designers. I'm very happy with the line up for the August show. Lots of familiar and new faces! Afterwards, I left to join my friends at a movie. Every Monday night in June, free movies are shown at a park in downtown Omaha. Pirates of the Caribbean was playing that night and it was perfect. The weather was beautiful and it was amusing seeing Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner sword fight amongst the city buildings.

003. This week is the week of meetings. I'm constantly bouncing back and forth between them. Last night was OFW intern meeting number two and a lot was covered. I have a better understanding of where it will be held this year and what it will look like. It'll be completely different, so I'm just full of curiosity. This morning I met with my fellow Flying Worm coworkers for a update on how sales are going. I love these meetings mainly because we're such a small group of people which makes it super easy for us to become more familiar with one another.

004. Now it's time for me to look forward to the weekend since I'm stuck here in the middle of the week. On Friday night, I'm joining the interns to go to a fashion show held by a local menswear shop, McLovin. Yep, that's the name. We're going to enjoy the show, have a few drinks, and maybe scout out some attractive male models? Oh the sweet perks of the fashion industry. On Saturday, I'll be on my way to my cousin's graduation in Sioux Falls. It'll be a bit of a drive, but I love spending time with family out there.

Alright, enough about myself. I hope you all have a wonderful week/weekend!


  1. Such a nice idea for a post! Love your blog, followed! xx

  2. Great pic of you! So cute^^
    And the article.. it´s really interesting :) My weekend was good ;)

    . . .
    Dreamer Clara^^

  3. does sound like a busy week-but exciting still! great picture, love your brows xx

  4. hope you have a nice weekend too~
    and its always great to learn about the blogger behind the blog :)
    also, thank you for commenting/following. followed you back on GFC.
    but let me know if you want to follow each other via Bloglovin' too.


  5. wow, amazing blog!
    Wanna follow each other?
    I am very happy, if you have a look at my blog.♥

    1. Thank you dear! I'll be sure to check out your blog. xx


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