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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Outfit from The Flying Worm Vintage

Today was beautiful and it's too bad that I enjoyed the weather only briefly while taking photos for the store. I've been stuck indoors for most of the day, sitting in front of a screen. Working in social media can really be distracting, but I enjoy my work nonetheless. I'm back home now, and clouds have surrounded my apartment. I'm actually starting to shiver sitting right next to my window. I love it.

I have plans for the weekend. Saturday night spent in the city, Sunday night in the country. I'm almost trying to hold onto July as tight as I can. I'm not sure how ready I am for August and it's work filled weeks... Not to mention my classes will be starting up again. Omaha Fashion Week will be here in just a few weeks as well. I'm excited and nervous with a stomach full of butterflies.


  1. Such a lovely, simple but stylish outfit! You look amazing, obsessed with your hair! xx

  2. Really cute look and the belt brings it together fabulously :)
    Lovely blog hun!

    Abi x

  3. this is gorgeous. you really do have one of my favourite blogs! your style, the layout and everything is just lovely.

  4. very stylish and cute outfit!
    kisses x

  5. I love how simple, yet cute this outfit is. That skirt is adorable and I love how you paired a belt with it. Love that that the skirt has pockets! : )



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