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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mint Skater Dress - Express

You really can't go wrong with comfortable, basic dresses. I picked up this dress yesterday after my shift at work. Express was having an end of season sale and I had remembered that they had a variety of basic skater dresses. I had to choose between Mint and Coral and I ventured a bit out of my comfort zone. Mint is so gentle against my pale complexion. The dress also fits me like a snug glove. I often have trouble finding dresses that fit my waist. This was a perfect fit!

This week has been lovely so far. I've spent the majority of this Wednesday in the sun, which is something I hardly do anymore. I really need to give my body a rest from last weekends adventures. I hope you all are blessed with a wonderful week. Cheers!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The dress is gorgeous! I think you made a great choice, the mint colour looks amazing against your skin tone :)! x

  2. Beautiful photographs :)

  3. gorgeous blog and very pretty dress :) followed!

    i've recently started a new blog, check it out...
    she goes wear

    Thanks x

  4. The dress is gorgeous! Beautiful color :)

  5. such a pretty dress :) love the first photo xx


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