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Summer rings in my ears

Monday, July 8, 2013
I'm very seasonal when it comes to listening to different artists. I've gathered quite a compilation of albums that give off a very nautical, summery vibe, in my opinion. They have accompanied me on the sunniest of days and I want to share them with you!

1. Tennis: Cape Dory
This album is dreamy and that is to be expected from Tennis. I could lay on the beach all day while being accompanied by Alaina Moore's darling voice.

2. Best Coast: Crazy For You
This album will take you to babe island and back. This one just had to be on my list. Best Coast's moody/beachy vibes just make me want to drown myself in the summer sun. The lyrics are relatable. I mean, I also wish my cat could talk.

3. Pacific Air: Stop Talking
I discovered these guys a while back when they only had their EP out. I'm happy to say that their full length album is now available and it's amazing! It's an album you would definitely want to include on your long awaited road trip to paradise.

4. Friendly Fires: Pala
If you haven't been graced by Friendly Fire's fine sounds, please do so now! This album inspires me to take a much needed trip to the tropics, ya'll.

5. Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours
Hands down, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. If I were to be stranded on an island and this was the only album I had with me, I wouldn't be mad.

6. Teddy Bears: Soft Machine
This album hasn't missed any summer of mine since High School. Who could deny the contagious and invigorating lyrics of Iggy's, "Punkrocker"? Oh so funky.

7. Delorean: Stay Close
If you're into electronic noise, you'll appreciate this album as much as I do. "Real Love" is my favorite track from this one, because it's just an instant mood booster and it takes me to a very nostalgic place.

8. Bombay Bicycle Club: A Different Kind of Fix
This album is both beautiful and breathtaking. Their mellow, sleepy eye'd lyrics and steady tempo make my heart sing. Bombay Bicycle Club will always hold a special place in my heart.

9. Discovery: LP
I have a never ending crush on this album and it just goes hand in hand with the summer.

10. Dum Dum Girls: Only in Dreams
Like I said earlier, babe island. The 60s inspired lo-fi pop is just a must listen during these dog days. I have been caught countless times singing along to "Bedroom Eyes" in my car. No shame.


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