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Fashion Week: Children's Wear

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Photo by Kathy Rae

Just a quick update here! Last night was Children's Wear at Omaha Fashion Week. It went by so smoothly that it gives me a boost of confidence that I'll make it through the rest of the week with no problems. Working backstage with the kids was a bit chaotic at times, but fun for the most part. Frequent follow the leader trips to the bathroom, duck, duck goose games, and garment touch-ups sum up the night well. These kids were brave souls to have walked down that huge platform of a runway. Mad kudos to them. I had a few conversations with some of them and just hearing what they had to say about the show was adorable.

Tonight I'll be working with much older models. Unfortunately it probably wont be as entertaining. I'm excited to take on another night of Omaha Fashion Week. I wish you all could be there.



  1. Interesting(: Fashion week sounds fun!
    I followed on bloglovin, follow mine?:)

  2. Stunning photo! I love the hat! xx


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