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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photographs by: Kathy Rea / Greg Higgins

The month of March and August are two of the biggest months out of the year for me. They have been for over two years now and that's all because of Omaha Fashion Week. These two weeks out of the year can be a roller coaster of emotions! But it is also a wonderful time to just catch up with some very wonderful people and experience some incredible talent. I hope to one day branch out and experience fashion week's all around the nation and abroad.

I apologize in advance, but I will probably be away from my laptop for the majority of next week. I will have my phone with me, so I will constantly be updating through OFW social networks and my own. Check out Omaha Fashion Week's instagram: @omahafashionweek to see the show from my perspective! If you live in the Midwest, or are around the Omaha area, you can still purchase tickets here! Use the code: Paytonf2013 for an extra discount.

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