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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Necklace: Anthropologie | Sweater: Target | Skirt: 2020ave | Heels: Zara

Loose sweaters and skirts. One of my favorite fashion pairings on earth. The look is effortless and chic! I have to admit that I steer towards this look often because it's comfortable. Especially on days where the heat is at a maximum and I still want to get away with wearing a sweater. The truth is, you just can't fool mother nature. If it's still summer in the Midwest, prepare yourself for those oh-so fab heat waves.

Can we talk about how amazing that graffiti art is? This place is actually set right outside of my apartment. The artwork also extends towards the ground. It's a great sight in person! Speaking of apartments, my lease will be up in less than a month! This is terrifying, but also exciting. I'm ready for a change.


  1. I love walking through a city and stumbling across an amazing piece of graffiti, this is gorgeous! Jumpers + skirts are my favourite Autumn combo.

  2. Wow these photos are soo nice, and the street are is really cool!

  3. Amazing photos I love the art work so creative also love your heels <3

  4. i can sense that youre very artistic :) love the pics and what you did on your navigation tools on the side of your page :)

  5. really cool pics ♡

  6. Stunning pics and the outfit is amazing.

    Mel's Corner

  7. This outfit is beautiful! I also adore the rest of your blog and you have earned a new follower:)

    // xx

  8. This outfit is amazing, you look stunning!!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  9. Love! This is actually one of my favorite outfits from you so far! It's so simple, but so cute and perfect transition into fall. I agree, sweaters and skirts are so effortless and chic! Love the detailing of the necklace. And those heels are perfect! : )


  10. These photos are so nice, love the background!

  11. perfect chic outfit you're gorgeous xx


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