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Plaid + Gold

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December and everywhere I look I see lights, trees, and red ribbons. Needless to say, I felt inspired walking around downtown. This forest green plaid top was something I bought a year or two ago and it's something I wont let go of until its had enough of me. The hints of gold make this top more delicate and feminine and I'm obsessed. The red lip is a staple for me during this time of year, making for nice lip stains on all of my coffee mugs.

My friend just moved into her new apartment and I decided to spend the night last night. Apparently, if you google it, it's on Omaha's Most Haunted. I have to admit, I was creeped out a bit. The place is very old, but it's beautiful. She cleansed the apartment with sage, while I held Frank, her new kitten.

I have work all week, but less than a week of classes. Ready, set, gooooo.


  1. omg those gold studs are gorgeous! Shame you have to work all week, but at least it's not too many classes. Good luck! :D

    Sharlotte xxx

  2. I love the style and colour plaid/tartan shirt, it strays away from the usual red checkered print which I really like. I would've been really frightened in your friend's apartment, but I hope you had a good time despite the creepiness, haha.

    I must say, I love the way you write. It's just so nice and enjoyable to read!

    Kathryn x


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