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From January, with love.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

01. January, the month that can either start us off on the right foot or wrong, presented me with some pretty welcoming opportunities to connect with people. It's been years since I've written to anyone. Note that when I say written I mean pen, paper, and an envelope complete with a postage stamp. I met this penpal through Instagram while searching through tags. Check out her work, @rosalynnelove! It's very inspiring.

02. I was ecstatic to hear that Young the Giant would be releasing a new album, "Mind Over Matter" during the thick of January. Their music is what I sing to most and the lead's voice is amazing. Their in the open sessions steal the words out of my mouth every time.

03. Even though I work full time, I make the most of the time that I have off. I try to anyway. January had me running back and forth, staying nights at my close friend's place, spending evenings at my favorite coffee shop, and thrift shopping for themed parties. Last night a friend of mine threw a Gatsby themed party and it was a blast to say the least. I was doing the charleston and cringing at the taste of absinthe at one point during the night. Work has been fun and challenging. I haul around mannequins, pound at walls, carry around huge ladders and noisy hardware all day. I'm starting to noticed a difference in my upper body strength and so are the people I work with. This tiny lady takes care of business.

04. I realize that I hold on to way too many magazines - some of the issues date back towards when I was in High School. I'm still that person that rips out pages, cuts out shapes, and completely takes apart these things. They always come in handy. I've been putting together more mood boards lately and plastering them everywhere and anywhere. It's the anywhere part that makes it so interesting. In midst of collecting inspiration, I came across Elie Saab's Spring '14 collection and fell in love. Jumpers and lovely gowns laced in floral, pastels, and deep reds - a line for romantics like myself. With this being said, I'm ready for Spring any day now.


  1. Lovely Post! It sounds like someone had an eventful January :) Hopefully February will be just as exciting for you if not more :)


  2. I just cleaned out the trunk that doubles as our coffee table and found a ton of magazines. They're the only thing I hoard, it just feels wrong to toss them out!


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