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From February, with love

Sunday, March 2, 2014
001. February went by in a flash, but that was to be expected. As cold as it was last month, I felt warmth from the flowers, chocolates, and gifts that were exchanged around Valentines Day. Sometimes, on a Sunday, my dad will get me pancakes for breakfast and will leave me notes where I can see them - usually with little illustrations included. I found them in a little bouquet of flowers this time. I had to instagram it.

002. In the dead of winter, I binge watch Mad Men on Netflix. Every time I pick up something new about the characters and fall in love with them even more - even though some of them leave me frustrated. The episode "The Suitcase" is one of my favorites out of all of them. There is a place in my heart for Don and Peggy and their flourishing friendship.

003. I bought myself a planner last month in hopes that it would help me organize my life better - and it has. I am much better with the pen and paper method over digital planning. I've also been practicing my sketching. I've been so inspired by artists such as, Njideka Akunyili, Eva Black, Jayde Fish, & Rene Gruau.

004. I've decided that coffee shops are my new "happy place". Sometimes I get bored with working at home and taking it elsewhere keeps my mind open and my thoughts flowing. My best friend is now working at one very close to her place. This is both wonderful and terrible because this will now contribute to my borderline coffee addiction. I wonder if this will change when summer comes around. No matter the weather, it's always nice to have something (or someone) to warm you and inspire you.

Cheers to a new month! I hope March is good to you all.

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