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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last night was spent indoors and at home for a couple reasons. One of them being, my maroon baby has been overheating on me during my drives to work and back. This is so frustrating because the weather hasn't even reached its hottest yet, and man, who knows how my car will be during the summer. I've come to terms that this weekend will be nothing but lazy. But the productive kind of lazy, if that's possible. I've been sorting through everything to try and downsize. I realize that all of the magazine clippings, lose papers, clothes, and everything else that inhabits my place is very overwhelming to me. So as I was going through the cleaning process I came across a gift my friend gave to me for my 22nd birthday. It was a little bag of random polaroids that had been taken in 1975. Every gift that I get from Camille always inspires me. The pictures form an incredibly adorable and colorful story of a family at a fair in 1975 (as noted on the back of each picture). I decided to make this a bigger project by incorporating the collaging process into a short stop motion film. In a way I think I brought these moments back to life, whoever they belong to. It makes me want to know them and their story a little bit more.

I want to do more videos like these in the future and I plan to. I've been making this enormous list of projects to finish/work on and I've plastered it above my desk. I've been so distracted lately. I can only hope to regain my focus and work on the things I love when I have free time on my hands.

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  1. This is so cute. I think I need a Camille in my life for presents like this! Excited to see what you do with them.

    I also now want cotton candy!

    Emma x


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