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Mixtape #9: Stay Golden

Thursday, June 12, 2014
(8tracks) | (Spotify)

In the summer time, I'm completely devoting my sunny drives, walks, and naps by the pool to moody/lo-fi sounds. Best Coast is one that I always turn back to, as well as Mac DeMarco. I wouldn't rather have anyone else sing to me while I'm enjoying my summer. I've been listening to these tracks on repeat lately and decided to tie them all together. The Spotify playlist has a few more songs than on 8tracks, so if you have it, use that format instead.


  1. Ah best coast is like the sound of the summer! I've also been listening to the beach boys and blood orange a lot recently, a great mix of surfy-upbeat and chilled sounds. You have inspired me to make a new playlist!

    // xx

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  3. LOVE this idea of posting mixtapes, how lovely! Also never heard of 8tracks before but I'm intrigued, haha, will definitely give this playlist a listen!

    Efflorescent Dream

  4. I always love 8 track especially beast coast song! Its a great song to start our day everyday! :))


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