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A Pair of Vintage Babes

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Photos shot by my lovely friend/work partner, Camille

I'm still dreaming about last weekend's adventures. The majority of it was spent carrying around flowers, cuddling baby pets, walking about in vintage clothes, and working behind the camera lens. Visiting Des Moines is always a treat. The outfits above are all from Atomic Garage. I have so much love for that place. It's always in the plans during my trips in Des Moines. After all of the hard work Camille and I had been through during Saturday's shoot, we felt we deserved to deck ourselves out in retro vibes. Best decision ever.

So many exciting things have been happening lately and I can tell the weather is changing for the better (I hope). I can't help but think about cardigans, flannel, and long socks. Fall where are you?


  1. your style is amazing!!!! and your blog is so perfect xx

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  3. These shots are so beautiful! I'm particularly in love with your silky pink piece in the top pictures. So happy to hear you had a wonderful and productive adventurous weekend! But I'm with you--it's time for cooler temps and lots of soft layers :) xx

    The What's In Between (posted the wrong link in the above deleted comment!)


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