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Summer No Bummer

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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My latest inspirations, obsessions, and muses. I find them everywhere and the best of them come about after a cup of coffee. And who would I be this summer without a hat to shade me? A red tomato. I also couldn't have made it this far without contributing to my growing collection of dresses. Goodbye pants. Maybe not for good, but until the weather starts to chill. I might add that I have many things to look forward to still this summer. Mac DeMarco is going to play a show next week. His music has been ringing in my ears for months. I couldn't miss a chance to see him all starry eyed and greasy live. It's also in the books to go swimming more than once this summer. I don't make it out to the water as much as I use to, but that seriously needs to change.

What are some of your inspirations this summer? Plans? Rituals?


  1. tumblr has so many inspiring summer-themed things and it just makes me want to do them all! xx

  2. You're inspiration seems amazing! I think mine would be the flowers childs style, you know al tht good vibes it's amazing for summer time

  3. Great show of Florange brand

  4. lovely blog :)

  5. These photos are super inspiring! Love your post :)


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