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Showing Some Love + An H&M Haul

Sunday, September 21, 2014
I'm happy to say that we now have an H&M in Omaha. No more long drives to KC just to indulge in a great shopping experience or the best retail therapy of your life. It has been the best of mine so far. All of us employees were able to shop around before we opened the gates for everyone. I picked out quite a few things that I'm very happy about.

Hat / Ankle Boots Oversized Sweater / Padded Parka

Opening day was insane and also absolutely cool. We had support from stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas. Never in my life have I met so many creative and down to earth people all in one week. They will be leaving us soon, which is very saddening. There was music, dancing, Hello Holiday hugs, and breakfast. All of that was my fuel for the day and it worked. My favorite part about working for H&M so far has been being able to go places and meet new people. It's very refreshing and I'm always reassured that there is room to grow.

bye for now


  1. Awesome boots, I've been looking for some new black boots for ages and these are lovely!


  2. adorable love the fun print! xo

  3. I do not know if there is an H&M store anywhere in Kentucky. I certainty haven't seen it if there are. I always make sure to stop at H&M whenever I am in NYC. I love the items you picked up, especially that parka.

  4. It's so funny to me whenever someone writes about 'finally we have H&M', because here we've always had them on every corner so it's nothing special to me. I totally get the feeling though, I freaked out when Primark and Forever 21 opened here. The grass just always seems greener on the other side! ;)


  5. Gorgeous post!
    Let's follow to each other! :)

  6. I'm from Scotland and recently applied for a job in H&M, it sounds like such an awesome place to work!
    The black books are gorgeous :)


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