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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 was very sweet to me. I'm holding it very dear to my heart for many reasons and I'm here to tell you them.

  • I spent everyday doing something I was passionate about.
  • I was invited into the Hello Holiday family as their Marketing Assistant.
  • I went to so many concerts. I can't name them all rn.
  • I partied with Mac Demarco.
  • I was awakened by the power of coffee.
  • I saw the world better underneath wide brimmed hats.
  • I met some incredible people whom I still talk to today.
  • And in the midst of everything I found someone who makes me very happy. (dimple saying "whats up" on my left cheek happy).
  • I moved into Omaha and I'm convinced I have the best roommie.
  • I got a job with H&M with a plane ticket to Chicago.
  • I took many trips over to Des Moines to visit my lovely friend, Camille.
  • I walked through many old buildings and rummaged through closets full of vintage clothing.
  • I said no to pants more often than not.
  • I slept on rooftops under the stars.
  • I was graced with a kitten named, Arigato. Proud cat mom #2.
  • I stayed more consistent with my blog.
  • I got a tattoo on my 22nd birthday.
  • My best friend, Valeska, got married. I was her maid of honor.
  • I got married to Instagram and chicken fried rice.
  • I danced my little heart out on dance floors.
  • I spent more time being around family and eating great food.
  • I participated in photo shoots galore.
  • My car made it through the year.
  • I made it through the year in good shape.

I'm curious about 2015 and what it'll bring me, my family, and friends. I want to push myself more outside of my comfort zone, focus more on this blog and a magazine that Camille and I are bringing to life. I'll be moving again by February, but more details will come later. I wish you all a happy new year.

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