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Sunday, January 25, 2015
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Lovelies, I'm feeling so inspired lately. I don't know if it's this coffee or the surprisingly beautiful sunny weather that's causing my brain to bloom with colorful ideas. I would have to say a lot of it is rooted from my excitement to move (which is going to happen in only a week now). I'm looking into brightening up my new home and making it as alive as possible. Here are some new things I'm going to try this year:

  • Freshening up my space with some green. Lots, and lots of plants.
    (I get all of my plant inspiration from my friend Camille. Thank you, thank you)
  • Baby blue eyeshadow. Honestly, it does wonders.
  • A new furry friend, perhaps? I've always wanted a frenchie to keep me company.
    (If you have one, tell me your thoughts.)
  • Flowers, everywhere.
  • Brighter shoes. 
  • Biking around more when the weather is nicer.
  • Making time for cooking weekly meals. My microwave and I must grow apart.

I will probably be adding more things to this list as Spring edges closer. It's a time where I feel like I can have a fresh/new start. I see so many opportunities to grow this year. I'm not going to waste any time.


  1. I'm still kinda lovin winter right now. Next have some lovely flowery pieces though

  2. Love floral print all-year around! This is such a nice selection of stuff, especially like the Andy Warhol-esque art and the dress :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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