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Days Like These

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Purse - Beaverdale Vintage
Striped Top: J-Crew
Skirt: Target

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Heels: Tj-Maxx

It's been forever since I've last posted, but I'm happy to say that since the weather is getting better, I'm able to wear skirts again. Life has been hectic and I swear it just gets a little better once the sun starts shining. I've been spending the day with open windows and it's the best life.

Only 3 more days until my birthday. The big 23 is approaching so fast. I'm excited to celebrate. For now, I'll be enjoying my last days as a 22 year young.


  1. Awesome look!) Beautiful photos!
    Love Alena

  2. Love this outfit! The pop of yellow is amazing!
    Emma Xx

  3. Loving that skirt!
    xx M


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