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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Necklace & Heels - A Okay Antiques
White Dress - Cache
Redesigned by: Alissa Clapper (Dornink)

Have you ever found that outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars? This post is exactly about that.

The white dress was originally modest, but making the deep V shape on the back gave it a more sexy & refined look. The zipper in the back made it so you could play around with the shape and movement. The dress was redesigned by Alissa Clapper at a local boutique, Dornink.

The heels, from A Okay Antiques, are masterpieces on their own - but worn with the dress, absolutely stunning. The tiny crystals, the pointy nose, and the delicacy of the material are the greatest qualities. It makes it true that every lady deserves a pair of classic vintage heels.

In the little time that I've been here, a lot has changed. Not only for me, but also for my best friend. Both the good and bad has seemed to make it's path through our lives, but with that always comes new opportunities. Just like a worn pair of vintage heels, no matter how much you go through, you'll still be beautiful and ready to take on the world. Stay passionate about the things that enlighten you and always stay inspired.

"This dress has led me to victory and has carried me through the hardest heartbreaks in my life. It has supported all of me inside and out, my power dress that is." - Camille Renee

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