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Thursday, April 16, 2015

If there's ever a topic in the world that get me really excited, it's music. The rhythm, lyrics, and mood all paint a picture in my head. It creates inspiration or serves as a reminder of the moments that I treasure the most. Music can completely take me into a different state of mind- a state of peace. With all of that said, investing in a good pair of headphones was at the top of my list. Just like everything in life, go big or go home. So I did. Not only did I find another set of ears, I found a statement piece.

I discovered Frends on instagram and from bloggers that I follow. I love that fact that they're like a pair of HUGE golden earrings that just cover your whole ear and bless you with magical sounds. The pair that I bought, The Taylor Headphones in Gold, are customize-able. I can change the golden caps out for a different styles whenever the time is right. There are a range of different styles in which you can find here.

I definitely recommend these if you're looking for a good quality set of headphones. They cancel out any outside noise beautifully. No more noisy coffee shops or moments where you find yourself accidentally eaves dropping at the table next to you. Also, if you're wondering what I'm listening to, here it is.

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