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Let's Jump Back To 1969

Monday, May 11, 2015

Jumpsuit - Gap
Heels - Free People
Earrings - Dry Goods (old)

For a while, I had been under a spell that made me stick to buying only basics for my wardrobe. There are great reasons behind that, but I think everyone should make room for adventure when it comes to the daily dress. This jumpsuit from Gap completely snapped me out of my basic funk. I was hesitant to try it on, but once I did, everything changed. I wore it around yesterday and I got so many compliments from strangers. I have a feeling I'll be wearing it often this summer when I travel.

My friend Camille took these photos at Hotel Stuart; Strictly Modern, in the middle of Stuart, IA. You would never think a place like that would be sitting in a small town, but it's a hidden gem. It feels like the sun is always shining when you're inside. It's the perfect place to spend some time for inspiration or celebration.


  1. I LOVE your jumpsuit, and your shoulder tattoo is sooo cute, I really want a tattoo there - what was the pain like???

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Alice!

      The pain wasn't too bad! It took about an hour. It definitely helps to have a friend with you to distract you a bit, haha. :)


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