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I Hate Goodbyes, but Pop The Champagne!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Photo by Meanz Chan

I love writing the new years post because it gives me time to truly reminisce about all the ups, downs, and people that have walked into my life. I have too many things to tell you about 2015 that I couldn't possibly fit it all in one entry. So I'm going to get to the point and let you in on all of 2015's highlights.

Des Moines is always blossoming with art & opportunity.

Moving from Omaha > Des Moines was one of the best decisions I had made last year. It was spontaneous and a little bit scary, but the takeaway is something I wouldn't trade anything for. With just a little change of surroundings, I've managed to make some very talented friends, improve my work in graphic design & my blog, and become a lot more independent. I know it's not like I moved to some big city like Chicago, or New York- but it's even better. I feel at ease where I'm at right now in my life. With the freedom and expenses to travel more and see my friends that have also moved away, I wouldn't want to change anything at this point.

Colorado Adventures of Payton & Zoe 2k15
My dreams of living in an all white, classic apartment with my cat and my best friend next door have been met.

2016 started off the right way- dancing underneath confetti and lights with the best squad. I have good vibes going on in my gut about this year. I already have plans to visit many places I haven't been (Santa Barbara, San Fran, Nashville, etc) and of course, another Colorado trip. It has been written that my resolutions include, inviting a Frenchie into my life, more frequent visits to the Hello Holiday HQs, less anxiety, less retail work and more focus on freelance, working alongside my best friend in production of DSM Fashion Week, and taking my blog & brand to the next level. Let's see where this goes, kids. I will be taking you with me every step of the way. IM SO EXCITED.

Instax from Avenu's New Years Party!

I hope that your 2016 is everything you dream it will be. What are some of your resolutions?

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