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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day, love birds and single babes. I've made the most cozy nest for myself in my apartment and I don't see myself leaving at all. I've already prepped this V-day to be the best, most lazy & romantic day for myself. I know that today is a day of chocolates, roses, and those huge teddy bears, but it's also a beautiful day to practice not only self-love, but just love in general. In fact, everyday we have an opportunity to do that. So go ahead, buy yourself a bouquet of your fave flowers, maybe a bottle of wine and your favorite film, and don't forget to wish your loved ones a happy day.

As I was having conversations over martini's last night with a good friend of mine, he reminded me exactly why I do what I do and the challenges that I've been holding myself back from. I felt so fulfilled just talking about the things we, as you would say "starving artists", were both striving for and it really inspired me. So as a little V-Day treat for all of you, here are some things to look forward to on my blog.

01. Friendly Features

I want my friends to be more a part of my blog and I want everybody to know the amazing things that they work so hard on everyday. This can also be YOU, too (I mean, I'd LOVE that). I realized that collaborating is one the best perks of being a blogger. Getting to know my followers and my friends a little bit more is priceless.

02. Vlogs/Styling Videos

This is something I've been holding myself back from for a long time and it's so silly. Through video, I can bring you guys with me everywhere I go. There are many places I plan to go this year! That glimmer of fear doesn't stand a chance anymore, because the end result is always amazing.

03. Design Work

I realize I don't share enough of the work I do everyday. I hope that transcending fashion and opening up about design projects, moodboards, & DIYs will inspire you and invite some new followers in as well.

I hope that you, whoever you are, reading this will stick around for all these lovely things and perhaps be a part of my blog at some point. Cheers to no more bullshitting and actually doing after all of the dreaming.

The Look:

Dress - Forever21
Black Pumps - ASOS
Mustard Tights - Target

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