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Girls Night In

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is how we do it

I feel like the best nights are spent away from the bars and inside a cozy apartment. Now that day light savings time has approached us, it feels like the days are longer- IT'S MY FAVORITE. That also means longer photo shooting hours. My neighbor and friend, Megan, came over a couple nights ago for a mini photo session. Megan makes floral crowns as well as floral lettering (hence the v cute and sassy "NOPE"). We took a ton of pictures and I finally feel like I've gotten some good use out of my banana leaf tapestry from UO. If you follow me on Instagram, you know. All the modeling made us hungry so pizza, wine, and reruns of Girls was the only answer.

The day after, Megan sent me this article by Brenna Gilbert and Kacie Cone with Urban Outfitters. It's basically us. I have a feeling that we'll be doing more of these girls nights because honestly they give me life.

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