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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tricked out floral crowns, hair covered in glitter, and a glass of champaign later...

This is my first post of August and I just want to say it's had a very lovely start. Last weekend was spent in the cutest tent at Hinterland - slinging floral crowns and eating so many truffle fries while being serenaded by indie/folk bands playing on stage . Megan sold all of her floral crowns, so we celebrated with Sangrias, fried rice, and a French 75 night cap. I'm so very proud of her.

The pink flower backdrop is brought to you by mine and Megan's blood, sweat, and tears. We spent a few weeks just trying to get the flowers to stay on and we finally figured it out. I think it turned out nicely - especially for the little photo shoot we had with Raelyn Ramey.

Photography by Raelyn Ramey

In just a few weeks, I'll have a kitten roaming around my apartment. I've been busy trying to make my place cozy and clean for the fur baby. Living alone wont be as lonely anymore with THIS cute face there everyday. I'm one lucky girl, huh?

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