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Sunday, September 11, 2016
Shoes = H&M

Things that have been making me smile lately:

  • Sherman. Sherman. SHERMAN. (My kitten)
  • Eating more plant-based foods everyday. Simplifying what I eat daily has given me so much energy, but homegirl still loves her cup of coffee.
  • My bat-capturing neighbors that live down the hall. Always coming thru when bats invade my home. Sadly this has been happening a lot lately.
  • My parents driving a distance to come see me over the weekend.
  • The slow but sure end to Summer and hello to Fall.
  • My new fig tree growing in my living room. 
  • A Gold Panda show in Minneapolis next weekend. 
  • Embracing my fear of vlogging in public. My camera is bigger than my head, so there's no hiding it.
  • A new tripod! After using one that I kept taping together for months, I was over it.
  • Plans to fly to San Francisco with Megan ASAP.

Top = Matilda Muse

Have a beautiful week

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