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Merry & Bright

Saturday, December 10, 2016

It feels like Winter is finally here, because I'm currently stuck inside an apartment surrounded by snow. Seasonal depression is definitely real, but thankfully I know how to deal. The remedy is in the apartment decor and the company I keep during these colder months. Friends, family, cat and the occasional glass of bubbly champagne. It's nearly impossible to party every day, so I decided to add bright and bold elements into my apartment for days like these. It doesn't take a lot to brighten things up or make your place feel like home. Less is more these days. If the place you dwell in inspires you, you're bound to accomplish anything.

In other news, I bought my first plane ticket abroad the other night. I'll be Ireland bound next Spring to reunite with my friend Zoe whom I haven't seen in a year. This will be my first adventure overseas and it's just three days after my birthday. I'm not sure how I'm going to wait another three months until then.

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