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Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hi. Hmm, where do I start?

I could just let the pictures do the talking, but there is so much more I wanted to capture from this beautiful city that a camera just couldn't do. There were many surprises along the way- painted murals in alleyways, cute cafe's that seemed way off the grid, colored doors for days, and endless reasons to look up. I was there visiting my friend Zoe who is studying abroad. I couldn't imagine a better person to spend my first time in Ireland with. Together we were the most American couple of white girls trying to make "fetch" happen in the midst of beautifully structured and old-as-hell architecture. The buildings still haunt me. I accidentally ran into strangers while GPSing my way around and ran off of fuel from Americanos and a few too many digestives (biscuits with an unfortunate name). I wanted to put almost everyone I met in my pocket so that I could take them back with me. Just me being selfish.

We decided to spend one day outside the city and took a train to Howth; the cutest little nautical town by the seaside. The air smelled of fish as soon as we arrived. We spent some time dangling our feet over the ocean on a cliff right by the lighthouse. That was probably my favorite moment of the whole trip. Next to that, we spent the whole afternoon drinking wine and eating food on a bed located outside in the middle of others eating meals at tables and swinging chairs. I almost fell asleep because I had never felt so comfortable at a restaurant or in my life in general, to be honest.

As much as I wandered around Dublin for the whole week I was there, I still feel like there was some unseen territory that I wanted to find. There's only so much ground this caffeinated lady with two feet and a small bladder can cover. I had hit my wall. That only emphasizes the notion to get back out there again. So with that being said, see you later Dublin.

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